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Writer's Block: It's payday!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Budget it, Dave Ramsey-style, but a little tweaked.

20% to tithe/charitable gifts
15% to housing/home maintenance
15% to housing utilities
15% to food
15% to transportation
5% to clothing
10% to health
5% to personal/recreation/gifts

No need to change our lifestyle just because of money rush.

Ode to a Rubbermaid Container

Ode to a Rubbermaid Container

O! Rubbermaid Container!
You were once so shiny and new
Then my darling husband got a hold of you
and you became scarred.
Your once clear sides,
Marred by the battle with the microwave oven
And some zesty barbeque sauce,
Bubbling inside your confined cavity.

O! Rubbermaid Container!
I place coleslaw inside your pockmarked body
And wonder if it will emerge from you
Onto my fork and taste just a little sugary.

O! Rubbermaid Container!
Shall I replace you and send you on your way
to the great beyond outside our lives?
Or shall I keep you and treasure your service a little longer?

O! Rubbermaid Container!
Next time, microwave on high may not be the best idea
For your return to that battleground, but seventy percent power instead.


Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

I would give 10% of the gross to the church.  Duh.  The first real spending would be on any outstanding debts (there aren't too many of those).

However, I don't play the lotto anymore.  :(

How Marriage works

Articles titled like this make no sense.  They are so misleading.  

We had a month of Sunday School lessons on the Crazy Cycle and how to get out of it.  Read this blog entry for more details.

Essentially, relationships are reactions.  If a wife reacts without respect, the husband reacts without love, she reacts without respect, he reacts without love, and it's a downward spiral.  You see what I mean. 

To get out of it, someone has to choose to react WITH something.  Husband reacts with love, she reacts with respect, he reacts with love, she reacts with respect, and it only gets better.

This is a simple diagram of the Crazy Cycle.  Don't let it happen to you and your marriage or any other relationship!

Merry Christmas 2010

From my blog to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas 2010.

Never forget:
Jesus is the reason for the season!

and that all roads lead to Him.


Mosque near Ground Zero

I almost posted this on WBIR.com, but I refrained.  I couldn't just delete it, though, so here we go with my random thoughts on the issue!My thoughtsCollapse )


My thoughts!Collapse )Other than this, it was a great weekend in America--wish it wasn't nearly as hot, but I loved jumping in the pool yesterday afternoon.  :)



Today's prayer list:
  • Chely Wright
  • President Obama
  • Nashvillians and Bereans dealing with flood waters and salvage of their homes
  • Persons that need medical help and cannot afford it
  • Serenity and discernment while
    • preparing for our wedding.  This week: Gift Registries and cake
    • selecting a church home for us
  • Unspoken personal request
Thanks, y'all.

Writer's Block: Cinqo de Mayo

Do you celebrate your country's independence? If so, how?

I do.  I try to go to the World's Fair Park for live fireworks and the symphony orchestra.  It is a lot of fun to sit on the hill and read a book while watching people go by.  

The ETCB always plays a concert in Tellico Village the Saturday or Sunday before the fourth, too.  It's a lot of fun to play outside in the cool of the evening.  :)

Look really closely at the Tea Party...

 Just read it.  It's Tim Wise's response to the Tea Party movement.

Makes you think.  The schoolteacher in the comments who is teaching To Kill A Mockingbird... I would love to be in their class.  What a rich discussion that would be!


Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

I collect a couple items.
  • hiking plates for my hiking stick from places I've hiked
    • Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand
    • Great Smoky Mountains NP in East TN
    • Natural Bridge SP in Kentucky
    • Milford Sound in New Zealand
  • sew-on badges from unique locations
    • All the cities/countries I visited in Europe 
    • Places I went with scouts and tours with band/choir in HS/college
  • squashed pennies/commemorative coins from places I have visited
  • Star Trek Hallmark ornaments
  • unique jewelry from places I have visited
My favorite collection, however, are the postcards I have.  I pick up postcards from places I visit and sometimes, I write about what I did there on the back.  I picked up that tip from the travel agent at STA Travel at UK in Lexington, when planning to go to Europe in 2004.  It's a good way to remember things.  I think I have about 200 postcards.  The ones from New Zealand are so pretty--so much better than any photo I could have captured myself.